Sunday, January 30, 2011

Machining Gears

We have a band saw that took a crap on us this week, a set screw came out and went threw the gears in the gear box and wrecked the teeth on them. So rather then buying a new saw I made the gears, I didn't have a broach for the keyway or did I have a dividing head so this is how i did it..
The bad gears
Making the blanks and broaching on the lathe
 The blanks and keyways all machined
The fixture to machine the teeth, here you can see we cut two gears together and located off the original gear.
Locating the first tooth
Almost there.. one tooth at a time
All the teeth cut
All blued up and ready to test run
After 30 min of running, now they are broke in. Clean the teeth back up and they are ready for heat treating
After case hardening
All ready to go back together

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